Protecting the Rights of NYC Construction Workers and Residents

New Yorkers rely upon elevators on a daily basis to reach apartments, offices and stores located many stories above the street. The Schwartzapfel firm has decades of experience representing both those workers who have injured during construction or maintenance of elevators as well those who been injured riding in elevators.

With regard to construction and other work being performed on elevators, our experience has shown that most elevator related injuries are the result of the owner and general contractor violating the law and failing to provide the worker with adequate safety devices or protection.

With regard to riding elevators many people do not think twice about stepping into an elevator because they assume it has been well maintained. However, elevator accidents are common in New York City because of poor maintenance and errors made by workers and the elevator companies.

Our experience has shown that dangerous conditions are often a result of an owner failing to follow basic safety rules in maintaining their elevators. In addition, we find that the public is most often at risk when an owner or general contractor uses a non-union worker to perform the repair or maintenance as that non-union worker does not have the training, knowledge, skill or experience of a union worker.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. was established more than 30 years ago to help injury victims in New York City and its surrounding communities. Because personal injury and wrongful death claims is all we do, our legal team has the knowledge and resources to take on the most complicated cases. If you were injured in an elevator accident, our lawyers investigate what went wrong and who is at fault. We then hold the negligent parties accountable. If you were injured while working on an elevator, we will pursue a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent property owner, general contractor, subcontractor and/or the equipment manufacturer.

Elevator Malfunctions

New York City elevator accident attorney Steven Schwartzapfel has handled numerous cases involving elevator malfunctions. Common dangerous elevator incidents include:

  • Falling down the shaft
  • Having objects or debris pushed or thrown into the shaft
  • Getting stuck between floors
  • Doors opening into the elevator shaft
  • Doors failing to close before the elevator car starts moving
  • Doors shutting on limbs
  • Elevators dropping or rising at high rate of speed
  • Elevator car slamming into the roof or floor of the shaft

Investigating Elevator Malfunction

To begin our investigation of an elevator accident, our attorneys immediately investigate to determine if any surveillance videos might have recorded the accident and then serve preservation letters upon all potentially responsible parties. We also search records for complaints made to the building managers and 311, repair notices and inspection schedules. We consult with well-respected engineers and elevator experts who advise on the mechanics of the accident. We consider possible mistakes made all contractors and owners and their agents as well as elevator corporation, such as:

  • Failing to repair a known problem with the elevator
  • Negligently or improperly performing an elevator repair
  • Violating building codes
  • Failing to alert the public about a broken elevator or that repairs are in progress
  • Failing to shut off an elevator that is broken or under repair
  • Designing or manufacturing a defective elevator part

Elevator Repair Mechanic Injuries

Repairing elevators is a dangerous job. Servicemen work with complex machinery around multiple moving parts and at height. The risk of injuries is compounded if the owner, general contractor or employer failed to provide the worker with proper training or appropriate safety gear. Our attorneys help you get the compensation you need for serious work-related elevator accident injuries such as:

  • Falling into the elevator shaft
  • Getting fingers and limbs caught in gears or crushed by doors
  • Getting caught between the car and the shaft
  • Being hit by a snapped cable or other heavy equipment
  • Slip, trip and falling from any height for any reason
  • All contractors and owners and their agents failure to provide the worker with adequate safety devices or protection

Recover Compensation for Injuries Resulting from an Elevator Accident

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