Protecting NYC Construction Workers’ Rights

Electrocution is the third leading cause of jobsite deaths. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) lists electrocution in its “Fatal Four,” a term the agency uses to describe the four most deadly workplace accidents.

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Hazards of Working with Electricity

Contact with electricity can result in a variety of severe, life-threatening injuries, including electrocution, which is always fatal. OSHA identifies the risks you face when working with or near electrical energy as:

  • Burns: The most common electrical-related injury, the burn often penetrates the skin and causes damage to the underlying tissue.
  • Electrocution: Electrocution occurs when the worker is exposed to a fatal dose of electricity.
  • Shock: When shocked, the body becomes part of the electrical current, which can cause heart attack and muscle, nerve and tissue damage as the current passes through the body.
  • Arc flash or blast: Workers may sustain burns and concussions because of the resulting explosion and intense heat of an arc flash or blast.
  • Fire: Faulty electrical outlets, frayed wiring and damaged extension and appliance cords can result in an electrical fire.
  • Explosion: Explosion occurs when an electrical spark ignites combustible gas or materials.

How Electrical Injuries Occur

In almost any construction job in New York City, you are likely to work with or near electricity. Electrical accidents happen suddenly without warning with no opportunity for you to react. That is why avoiding this serious hazard is vital to your health and life. Therefore, your employer’s compliance with OSHA regulations and New York laws is necessary.

You are at risk of electrocution and other electrical injuries if:

  • You come into contact with high voltage
  • Equipment comes into contact with overhead or underground power lines
  • Electrical wires are old, damaged or otherwise faulty
  • Electrical wires are not properly insulated
  • Location of electrical wires has not been appropriately labeled
  • Electricity is not cut prior to work in the area
  • Warning is not issued as to live wire
  • Improper ventilation, giving rise to accumulation of combustible materials or gas
  • Exposure of electrical source to water

Recover Money and Benefits After Your Loved One’s Electrocution or Your Electrical Injuries

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