Recovery for Construction Workers and NYC Residents and Visitors

Transporting and/or moving materials and debris create dangerous construction and demolition hazards. When not moved correctly, dropped loads pose serious dangers to workers and the New York City public.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has handled construction cases for more than 30 years. Our NYC construction accidents lawyers apply our full experience, skills, expertise and resources to helping workers and the public get the money they deserve for their injuries. We have a reputation for being tough advocates on behalf of our clients while always remaining compassionate listeners and advisors. If you were injured in a forklift, crane or construction-related auto accident, we fight hard for you in court while guiding you through the legal process. We make the most difficult situations easier.

Crane and Forklift Failure

Heavy machinery makes modern building possible. If not for cranes and forklifts, moving tons of materials and stacking floors dozens of stories could never happen. Because of the enormity of their loads, failure of a crane or forklift can result in severe injuries or death of anybody standing below.

Negligence that can lead to a dropped load include:

  • The forklift or crane was poorly maintained
  • Cheap, inappropriate replacement parts were used
  • The load was too heavy or unbalanced
  • Cable was overstressed and snaps
  • Cable or rope became old and frayed
  • Cable or rope was rubbed along a surface or edge, causing friction
  • The heavy machine toppled over or hit another object

Auto Accidents Caused by Construction Road Debris

The duties of contractors and owners and their agents continue while the materials and debris are in transit. Material that flies out of the truck bed risks slamming into the windshield of another vehicle. An overturned load risks the driver’s safety as well as any nearby motorists or pedestrians. To avoid injuries to the driver and other motorists, workers and pedestrians, materials should be properly loaded and secured. Failure to do so can create such serious hazards as:

  • An overweight load, coupled with bad brakes, can prohibit a driver from stopping in time to avoid a traffic collision
  • Unbalanced load can cause the truck to jackknife into another vehicle or object
  • Unbalanced load can cause the truck to tip onto its side, potentially spilling the load and injuring the driver
  • Failure to cover load in an open bed with a tarp or to tie the load down can allow items to blow or fall out of the truck bed
  • Overturn of truck containing toxic materials can result in fire, explosion or chemical exposure

Get the Money and Benefits You Deserve After a Forklift or Crane Accident

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