Advocating for the Safety of New York Workers

Construction is the most dangerous industry. But far from the myth, construction jobs are not innately dangerous. The technology, tools and know how exist to create a safe, healthy jobsite. Unfortunately, many contractors, employers and property owners cut corners on workers safety to reduce costs. These actions translate into higher profits for them and big losses for the hundreds of thousands of workers who sustain serious and fatal injuries every year in the United States.

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Most Common Safety Hazards

Every day you enter your workplace, you face multiple serious safety hazards. You may do everything right to protect your own health and safety, but you cannot avoid many of the hazards created by your employer’s lax safety standards, including:

  • Scaffolding failure: According to OSHA, protecting the 2.3 million construction workers who regularly work on scaffolds would prevent about 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths per year. For example, employers have a duty to follow OSHA rules regarding load capacity, stability and fall prevention equipment.
  • Falls: Falls are the leading cause of construction industry fatalities every year. Yet, these deaths are 100 percent preventable if contractors implement basic fall protection measures.
  • Ladder falls: According to OSHA, falls from construction ladders and stairs each year account for around 36 deaths and almost 25,000 injuries, about half of which are serious enough to require leave from the job. Defective or poorly maintained equipment or negligent work policies are often the cause.
  • Trenching collapse: Trench collapse often results from improper sloping angle, inadequate protective system and the failure to inspect and supervise. Just by abiding by OSHA’s regulations, contractors could avoid hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths each year.
  • Heavy machinery accidents: Cranes, forklifts, excavation equipment and other vehicles and machinery are responsible for numerous injuries and deaths. Workers risk being hit by, getting caught in or falling from the heavy equipment.
  • Electrocution: Electrocution is responsible for almost 9 percent of all construction related deaths. Many of these accidents occur despite not working directly with an electrical current, but because of the proximity to overhead, underground or live wires. Many workers are required to work without the electric current being turned off so as not to cut into profit. Other workers are electrocuted because other people failed to “lock and tag.”
  • Falling debris: Both workers and the general public are placed at risk of being hit by falling debris and objects. Contractors have a duty to install such safety features as scaffolding and nets to catch workers and objects and securing systems to prevent workers or objects from falling in the first place.

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