The Dangers of Construction Debris

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. Yet, the industry is not innately dangerous, rather the negligence of property owners, contractors, their agents, managers and employers create unnecessary risks to construction workers and the general public. In their hurry to make profit and meet unrealistic deadlines, often these stakeholders do not maintain effective construction debris disposal policies and practices and thus put you at risk of injuries.

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Negligent Storage and Disposal of Construction Debris

By the nature of the work, construction projects tend to produce a lot of debris. The storage and disposal of the debris is an important aspect of worksite planning. Otherwise, the debris may become a risk to workers and the general public.

All construction projects should implement processes to:

  • Organize debris during the workday in an out-of-the-way location to avoid trip hazards
  • Ensure toxic waste is disposed of in proper, well-marked containers that prevent workplace exposure
  • Immediately clean up construction garbage and debris
  • Immediately clean up dust particles, metal and wood shavings and spilled liquids
  • Avoid situations in which debris could land on somebody’s head
  • Secure debris that is stored at height until it can be properly disposed of
  • Dispose of debris in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Never leave debris on stairs or along walking paths

Auto Accident Caused by Road Debris

Transport of materials and debris present a serious roadway hazard for motorists throughout the five boroughs and surrounding New York counties. Even a small piece of metal, glass or other object on the road puts motorists at risk of automobile accidents. The debris could puncture a tire or be thrown airborne into the windshield of a car. Drivers who swerve to avoid debris may lose control or hit another vehicle. The driver may also collide head-on with large heavy construction material or equipment left in the road.

Contractors and employers have a duty to protect the public by:

  • Clearing all materials from a road construction site
  • Securing debris and building materials during transport
  • Placing tarps or other coverings over a load in an open bed
  • Tying down loads using strong cables, ropes and bungees
  • Balancing the load to prevent the truck from tipping over
  • Taking immediate action if debris falls or flies loose from the truck

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