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New York City Occupational Fatalities Statistics

Advice for Your Family about Your Rights After the Loss of A Loved One Nobody should die while trying to earn a living. Yet, deaths on the job sometimes happen. Losing a loved one is an unspeakably difficult experience made all the more terrible by the fact that another agent’s negligent act is responsible for your loss. Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has helped families like yours for more than 30 years. We are experts in wrongful death and personal injury. We have the resources, expertise and determination to research the cause of your loved one’s death and determine who is responsible. […]

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New York State Construction Accident Statistics

In 2014, the construction industry in New York State reported 3.4 non-fatal job-related injuries or illnesses for every 100 workers, or 3.4%. This was significantly higher than the overall rate in private industry of 2.5 incidents per 100 workers (2.5%). Specialty trades had an accident/illness rate of 3.7%. In terms of raw numbers, these incidence rates translate to approximately 9,800 occupational injuries/illnesses in the construction industry in New York State in 2014 serious enough to require reporting to the authorities. There were also 42 construction-related worker deaths in 2014, out of a total number of 203 worker fatalities in New […]

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New York Factory Safety Law

§ 255. Elevators and hoistways. Every elevator used in connection with a factory, the elevator opening and the machinery connected therewith, and every hoistway, hatchway and well-hole shall be so constructed, guarded, equipped, maintained and operated as to be safe for all persons. The board shall adopt rules to carry into effect the provisions of this section. § 257. Illumination. In every factory proper lighting shall be provided during working hours for: All places where persons work or pass, or may have to work or pass in emergencies; All elevator cars and entrances; All halls and stairs leading to workrooms; […]

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New York Construction Safety & Labor Law

Consolidated Laws of New York, Labor Law Article 10: Building Construction, Demolition and Repair Work § 241. Construction, excavation and demolition work. All contractors and owners and their agents, except owners of one and two-family dwellings who contract for but do not direct or control the work, when constructing or demolishing buildings or doing any excavating in connection therewith, shall comply with the following requirements: If the floors are to be arched between the beams thereof, or if the floors or filling in between the floors are of fireproof material, the flooring or filling in shall be completed as the […]

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