Assistance with Construction Industry Accidents

Falling tiles from ceilings and walls of buildings present a serious danger to the construction crew and to the New York public. When a tile falls, the property owner, manager, its agents, a contractor, employer or manufacturer is usually to blame.

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Why Tiles Fall

Both decorative and functional, tiles are used to finish the look of a room or building and to insulate and seal out moisture. However, errors made by property owners, managers, supers, materials suppliers, contractors, engineers, supervisors and manufacturers can result in:

  • Wrong adhesive for the type of material and conditions
  • Inferior or old and improperly stored materials
  • Defective tiles, glue or other products
  • Negligent design of walls or ceiling that cause failure
  • Insufficient inspection to discover problems
  • Inadequate repairs made to broken or loose tiles
  • Too wet, dry, cold or hot conditions to lay tile

Falling tiles are a potential hazard during the construction process and throughout the life of the structure. Even if the tile falls from a short height, the weight of the tile can cause serious head injuries or fractures. A shattering tile can result in severe deep cuts, puncture wounds, neck, back, shoulder and eye injuries all of which can require surgery and result in lifetime disabilities, pain and discomfort.

Hazards of Laying Tile

Laying tile is a valuable skill that requires a tremendous amount of precision, concentration and patience. Injuries that affect your fine motor skills, your stamina and your focus can put you permanently out of work. While laying tile, you face risks of a sudden accident and of long-term chronic injuries that can develop into permanent disabilities.

Risks of the job include:

  • Chronic back pain from crouching and working in awkward positions
  • Repetitive stress injuries from constantly repeating the same movements
  • Rotator cuff injuries from working with arms overhead
  • Brain and spinal damage from fall from ladder or scaffold
  • Head injuries from falling tiles
  • Deep lacerations from cracked, broken and shattered tiles
  • Amputation or severe cuts from saws used to cut tiles

Our New York City construction injury attorneys are known for getting to the bottom of what happened and determining who is to blame for your injuries and holding the wrongdoers accountable so you get the money and benefits you are entitled to.

Recover Money and Benefits After a Ceiling or Wall Tile Accident

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