NYC Construction Accidents Recovery

Serious burns often require extensive treatments and recovery time. You may need multiple skin graft, reconstructive and plastic surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation. Ultimately, your burns could leave you with permanent disabilities, scars, disfigurement and pain.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. protects your rights after a serious construction-related accident. Our attorneys apply more than 30 years of experience and substantial resources to help you get the money you need and deserve for your burns. We have access to renowned burn and medical experts and respected economists to calculate the money and benefits you are entitled to. We consider not just your current needs, but also anticipate the losses you may experience in the future. We know the challenging road that lies ahead and compassionately guide you and your family through the process.

Construction Site Fire

Construction sites often contain numerous combustible materials and the flames can spread quickly and fiercely and be difficult to extinguish. Chemicals may explode suddenly, diminishing the chances of escaping without injuries. In addition, the smoke is likely to contain highly toxic substances that can affect residents in the surrounding areas as well as workers.

Construction Site Explosion

Most worksites contain multiple explosion risks, such as the accumulation of fine dust particles, the storage of chemicals and the presence of gas and power lines. Also, workers may be using heat-producing tools, such as welding and grinding equipment, that can spark an explosion. The pressure and heat of the blast can cause burns to workers and anybody in the area of the explosion.

Electrical Injuries on the Jobsite

Electrical burns occur at the point where the current enters the skin, often penetrating deep into the underlying flesh. The current can damage organs, including the heart, muscles, nerves, vascular system and brain. Often, the worker does not realize the extent of damage until he or she is examined by a medical doctor. A worker may sustain an electrical burn upon contact with a high voltage energy source, an electrical arc or a flash of electricity.

Chemical Burns

The worksite may contain dangerous chemicals, such as acids, gasoline, pain thinner, abrasive cleansers and lye that burn the skin immediately upon impact. Chemical burns often cause excruciating pain and damage to the underlying tissues. The extent of the injury depends upon the type of chemical and the amount and length of exposure.

Preventing Workplace Burns

The owner, contractor, their agents and your employer have the ability and the duty to eliminate burn risks from your workplace. When our New York City burn attorneys investigate your claim, we look for such negligent conditions as:

  • Improper storage and use of combustible materials
  • Improper ventilation that allows dust particles to accumulate
  • Welding and other heat-producing activities too close to flammable substances
  • Failure to turn off gas or electricity during construction
  • Insufficient safety training with regards to chemicals, electricity and other burn dangers
  • Ineffective supervision over the handling of chemicals and fire and explosion risks

Recover Money and Benefits for Your Construction-Related Burn Injuries

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