Recovery for NYC Accidents Involving Construction and Poor Maintenance

A frightening number of buildings collapse throughout New York City. Poor upkeep of aging structures and construction errors are typically to blame. Sadly, these preventable collapses and construction accidents often cause multiple serious injuries and deaths of workers and the NYC public.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. focuses exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death claims. New York City building collapse lawyer Steven Schwartzapfel has more than three decades of experience handling complex construction accidents and building disrepair-related personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our attorneys file workers’ compensation claims for construction workers injured in building collapses and construction accidents of all kinds and file lawsuits on behalf of workers and the public injured due to construction accidents. .

Dangerous Construction

Construction in New York City is at an all-time high. Everywhere you turn, aging buildings are being demolished and new, taller buildings are constructed in their place. Owners are intent upon saving costs and increasing profits by cutting corners and expediting construction. Their actions, combined with general contractors, subcontractors and other trades failure to follow the law, create a dangerous situation for construction workers and New York City residents.

Building Disrepair and Building Code Violations

Many of New York City’s buildings were erected between the late 19th century and the mid-20th century. These old buildings have been wracked by harsh weather, shifting foundations and general wear and tear. And yet, property owners often do little to repair damaged buildings or bring the structures up to modern NYC building codes. Often, owners fail to fix or repair inadequate or broken lighting, staircases, handrails, elevators, ceilings, etc.

Causes of Structural Failure

A building’s structural integrity refers to its ability to remain intact under a load, including its own weight, and to withstand anticipated uses, weather conditions and disintegration over time. Structural failure occurs when the building begins to crack, fracture, crumble and eventually collapse because of:

  • Use of inferior materials
  • Architectural or engineering errors
  • Shifting building foundation or underlying land
  • Construction shortcuts
  • Unsafe construction practices
  • Unintended use of the building
  • Explosion, fire, hurricane or other catastrophic event

Investigating a Building Collapse

Our lawyers investigate building collapses in all five boroughs of New York City and throughout the surrounding suburbs. We inspect the scene of the collapse before the debris has been cleared and retain experienced architects, engineers and other experts to assist with our investigation. We interview witnesses, where applicable, of principals, including the property owners, developers, construction managers, supervisors, general contractors, subcontractors, OSHA officials, workers and residents who may have reported a problem or witnessed the collapse or accident. Our attorneys review the architectural and engineering plans, history of the building, repair logs, contractors’ permits, contracts and other documents that may expose errors and wrongdoing.

Recover Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a NYC Building Collapse

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