Holding Contractors and Property Owners Accountable for Workplace Injuries

Dramatic reports of building code failures appear regularly in New York City media. However, these riveting stories represent only a fraction of the multitude of building code violations in NYC’s aging structures as well as its booming development. These violations create substantial hazards to workers and residents of the five NYC boroughs and our surrounding communities.

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New York Building Codes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the New York City Department of Buildings regulate and enforce construction safety. The following complex bodies of laws govern the construction industry in our city and surrounding areas:

  • New York City Construction Codes
  • New York City Building Codes
  • New York State Labor Law
  • New York State Multiple Dwelling Laws

These laws cover everything about the building process and the legal obligations that owners, agents, contractors and/or employers owe to construction workers to provide for their health and safety. . Clear standards are especially important with NYC high rises growing progressively higher, but are also necessary on so-called minor construction jobs. Unfortunately, violations often remain undetected until an accident occurs and people either die or sustain serious injuries.

Dangerous Consequences of Building Code Violations

Strict federal, New York and NYC laws are in place to protect construction workers and the public from injuries related to erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing. . Employers, contractors and property owners regularly find ways to skirt these laws to save money and increase profits. During the entire construction process, workers’ safety is at risk.

These building code violations are responsible for numerous accidents every year:

  • Lack of safety equipment and training
  • Handrail and steps failures
  • Falling bricks, concrete and debris
  • Cracking, shifting and collapsing walls or foundation
  • Explosion of improperly installed boiler or gas line
  • Electrocution resulting from poor wiring
  • Engineer or architectural errors
  • Insufficient strength to handle structural weight load
  • Illegal storage and use of toxic chemicals
  • Combustible liquids, gasses and dust particles
  • Use of non-flame retardant materials
  • Inadequate protective system on trench to prevent cave-in
  • Crane construction that does not comply with specifications

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