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Hospitalized and Disabled

Dear Steven,
I just got back from picking up my final settlement check. I wanted to thank you and your firm for being such a big help to me during this time. When I was disabled and unable to speak, everyone was so understanding and sympathetic. I even received phone calls in order that your firm would be updated on my progress. I even received visits while in the hospital. Your firm communicated with my husband during this time. Everyone showed me how to be covered for my medical expenses and not to be concerned. With everything I was going through, this turned out to be a great help. From the time I first entered the hospital until now, I always believed in you and felt you had my best interest at heart. I always felt you fought hard for me. I’m glad it’s over and in a relatively short time.
I would definitely refer your firm to anyone in need as I had such a positive experience.

New York Personal Injury Attorney Testimonial - Hospitalized and Disabled

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