Wrong-Way Driving: It Happens More Often Than You Realize

Steven Schwartzapfel Mar 7, 2016
Wrong-Way Driving

You may not hear about it much on the news, but vehicles traveling down the road in the wrong direction happens much more often than you may realize. While cities and states work hard to improve signage and reduce the number of wrong-way driving incidents, some drivers – particularly drunk or distracted drivers – find themselves driving in the wrong direction. Wrong-way driving is incredibly dangerous, since front-end collisions at high speeds could lead to devastating results. When a vehicle is coming at you from the wrong direction, you may wonder what you are supposed to do, in order to avoid collision.

According to the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board, over 300 individuals die each year due to wrong-way driving in the United States. While that may not sound like a large number in comparison to other accidents, it is still shocking when one considers the signs, barriers and guides that cities and states have used to create safer roadways.

What to do When a Wrong Way Driver Comes Your Way

When driving – whether on a rural road or in the middle of the city – you need to know how to react when a wrong-way driver comes at your vehicle. Defensive driving tactics will help you avoid dangerous accidents. These include:

  • Move to the Right – To avoid a wrong-way driver, swerve your vehicle to the right. Most wrong-way drivers will also go to the right, once they realize they have entered the wrong way. By swerving your vehicle to the right, you statistically lower the chances of colliding with the other vehicle.
  • Always Look Ahead – Most collisions with wrong-way drivers occur because motorists do not see them until they are in front of them. By constantly scanning and keeping your eyes on the road ahead, you could potentially see a wrong-way driver coming at you in advance.
  • Show Your Intentions – There are a few explanations for why a motorist may enter the road going the wrong direction – drunk driving, distracted driving, and inexperience are a few. To avoid a collision, let the other driver know what you are doing by signaling to them with your vehicle’s signal lights. If you plan to go to the right, use your signal to indicate that you’re moving to the right before you actually do so.
  • Buckle Up – Sometimes you can avoid a collision with a wrong-way driver; at other times, a collision may be inevitable. By wearing your seatbelt, you can reduce the chances of a fatality in an unavoidable collision.
  • Contact 911 – After you have survived passing the wrong-way driver, pull over and contact 911 to report the driver’s behavior.

Were You Involved in a Collision with a Wrong-Way Driver?

If a wrong-way driver caused an accident that resulted in injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether the driver was distracted, inexperienced or even drunk, driving the wrong way on the road is irresponsible and negligent. Contact the attorneys at Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. to schedule a consultation for your accident and injury. Call us at 1-877-737-4806 or fill out our online contact form with your questions.

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