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Will Reflective Paint Help with Animals Causing Car Accidents?

Reflective Paint Help with Animals

The city itself may not have a lot of rural areas, but once you venture outside of the city, you can encounter your fair share of animals. While most of these animals scurry away at the mere sight of your vehicle’s headlights, others may pause in the road or run out unexpectedly – causing an accident.

In the UK, this is an even more common issue. That is why officials and farmers have started using reflective paint on their animals to make them more visible to drivers at night. According to the article first published in, these reflective paint uses are mostly found in the rural areas of Devon and are a part of their livestock protection program – but it benefits the drivers just as much as the animals.

Animal-related auto accidents are much more common than people realize and when these accidents occur, it can be difficult for individuals to figure out how they will be compensated – after all, an accident with an animal can lead to significant vehicle damage.

The Issue with Animal-Related Accidents

Wandering farm animals and household pets can turn roads into deadly situations. These collisions can cost thousands of dollars in vehicle damage and even more in medical costs. Farm animals especially are large and can weigh several hundred pounds. Direct impact with these animals could also lead to spending thousands in medical costs, or even be fatal.

In most cases, to avoid contact with these animals, drivers will stop short or swerve out of the way – and could cause additional accidents.

Accidents with animals can be serious, but some that cause the most injuries include:

  • Head on collisions with animals
  • Swerving to avoid the animal and striking a fixed object
  • Swerving into another lane and striking a vehicle
  • Stopping short to allow an animal to pass and being rear-ended

Who Will Pay for My Injuries?

If you are injured in an animal-related accident, it can be difficult to determine who is liable for your injuries. Wild animals have no owner and there is no reason for them to be restrained; therefore, it is your insurance that would have to cover property damage and medical costs. If, however, the animal was domesticated or a farm animal that should have been restrained, you may have a claim against the owner for their negligence.

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