Why You Can’t Trust Insurance Companies

Steven Schwartzapfel Oct 20, 2015
Insurance Companies

Each year there are thousands of Americans injured in car accidents on highways and local roads. While victim of the car accident struggles to heal and cover unnecessary expenses, they also are forced to deal with insurance companies. These representatives do everything in their power to limit how much an injured person receives and they may even do what they can to avoid paying anything toward the accident.

Claims adjusters are trained in deception and there are tricks that they will use to fool accident victims out of the settlement they deserve – even when they are seriously injured. If you have been injured in an accident and it was not your fault, the other party’s insurance may attempt to limit how much compensation you receive and they may try to convince you it is your fault.

Three Tricks Insurance Companies Use

There are three very common tricks that claims adjusters and insurance personnel will use to minimize how much they handle a claim – and how much they ultimately pay. These three tricks include:

  • Suggesting that the accident victim must provide a statement before funds can be released. This is a very common tactic used by adjusters. They will tell victims that they must immediately provide a written or recorded statement regarding any injuries or damages in order to expedite their claim. In reality, these individuals suggest this because they know a victim has not accurately calculated their losses or even fully assessed their injuries. Also, their goal with the statement demands is to hopefully find information where the victim admits to fault – even partially – so that they can reduce the settlement amount.
  • Pretending to be looking out for the victim’s best interests. Claims adjusters will tell victims that they are doing everything they can to close out the case. They will also contact the victim multiple times to see how they are doing and if there is anything they can do – waiting for a victim to decline assistance so that they can use that as grounds for stating the victim does not need further compensation. Other times they will slowly work on the case, while telling the victim that they need further documentation. Their ultimate goal is to draw out the statute of limitations so that the victim can no longer file their accident claim – and the insurance does not have to pay.
  • Using social media to disprove a person’s injuries. Another tactic used by insurers is to monitor a person on social media. They may look for a picture of the person smiling after an accident and then use that picture to prove that the person’s injuries are not as severe as they seem – even if they have medical documentation. Even with a logical explanation, these photographs and videos can lessen a victim’s credibility – and insurance claims adjusters’ bank on that.

Don’t Work With Insurance Companies – Contact a New York Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Never trust insurance companies; instead, work with a reputable law office to negotiate the proper settlement and ensure your rights are protected. Contact Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. online today or call 1-877-737-4806. We offer free consultations to discuss your car accident case.

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