Types of Distracted Driving – And How They Can Cause an Accident

Types of Distracted Driving – And How They Can Cause an Accident

Steven Schwartzapfel -Founding Partner May 16, 2016

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distracted drivingThese days, people are always multitasking. In fact, it is almost demanded in order to stay on top of children’s schedules, work pressures, and social life. While there are plenty of tools to help you be more efficient with your time, none of them are designed to be used in the car. Multitasking is one of the leading causes of distracted driving in the United States. Whether it is using the phone to text, check email, or just talk to someone at the office, phones are a major distraction on the road. But, the phone is not the only distraction – there are dozens of ways that a driver can become inattentive to the road ahead.

To better understand distracted driving, you must first understand the types of distracted driving and how they lead to accidents.

The Three Main Types of Distracted Driving

  1. Cognitive – This is a mental form of distraction. Your mind is focused elsewhere, such as a conversation with a passenger. A driver could become distracted cognitively by just listening to the radio.
  2. Visual – This occurs when your eyes are looking at something other than the road. For example, looking at a GPS system, reading a text message, or even looking in the rearview mirror at passengers in the backseat are all forms of visual distraction.
  3. Manual – Manual distractions remove the driver’s hands from the wheel – whether it is just one hand or both. This can include eating or drinking while driving, trying to remove something from the center console, or changing the radio station.

Staying Safe – Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Cognitive, visual, and manual distractions come in many forms; each remove your attention from the road, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Keeping your attention on the road is harder than it sounds, but you can do so by doing the following:

  • Use your cellphone for emergencies only. While driving, there is no reason to use a cellphone unless it is in an emergency. Even then, you should pull off to the side of the road, or wait until your vehicle comes to a complete stop, before using your phone.
  • If you are tired, pull off to the side of the road. Drowsy driving is a form of distracted driving, and it increases your risk for accidents exponentially. If you are tired, pull off to the side of the road or find a rest stop.
  • Limit the activity inside of your vehicle. Sometimes, you cannot limit how many passengers you have, but you can limit the distractions that you experience. Try to reduce unnecessary noise, such as loud music.
  • Do not eat and drive. Try to avoid eating meals inside of your vehicle. If you must, stick to foods that are not messy, and keep your drinks in spill-proof containers.

Were You Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Accidents caused by distracted drivers can be devastating. Because that driver failed to pay attention to the road, he or she was acting negligently; therefore, the driver could be held accountable for his or her actions. To have your car accident case evaluated, speak with an attorney from Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C. at 1-877-737-4806 or fill out our online contact form with your questions. Contact us today.

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