Top Things To Do in Brooklyn

Top Things To Do in Brooklyn

As one of the most populated boroughs of New York City,Brooklyn is home to millions of New York natives and immigrants.

Brooklyn’s residents may live and work in this major metro area or commute to the Big Apple each day. Whether you’ve lived in a Brooklyn brownstone for years or came to the city recently as a student, professional, or new family, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty to see and do.

Still, it can be tough to know what you should prioritize or what attractions are most worth your time. Read on for our list of the top things to do in Brooklyn, coming straight from New York City natives.

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Take a Brooklyn Bike Tour

Why not start off with a bike tour of Brooklyn? Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful boroughs in New York City, and there are over 20 neighborhoods you can tour if you sign up for the right cycling experience.

For example, you can sign up for a tour to enjoy with other people and a dedicated tour guide, and it stops in places such as Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and much more. In any case, a Brooklyn bike tour is a great way to see the city, especially if you haven’t gotten out to experience everything it has to offer yet.

Plus, you can run your own Brooklyn bike tour if you’d rather not pay any money. Pick up your bike with a few friends and ride around on a beautiful day to get some exercise and expose your mind to Brooklyn’s beauty.

Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Of course, you can’t forget theBrooklyn Botanic Garden. This immaculately decorated and well-planned urban botanic garden is 52 acres in total, and it’s located in the heart of Brooklyn. It’s a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some nature, especially in the middle of the week.

Need a perfect spot for an outdoor event like a wedding? You can reserve part of the Botanic Garden, as well as private catering thanks to the Palm House and Atrium. Regardless, you can enjoy the Botanic Garden year-round, although hours do vary seasonally. Therefore, you should visit the Botanic Garden’s website before planning a trip to make sure they are open for your arrival.

Hang Out at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge might be fun, but it might also be overly crowded and chaotic for your tastes. Instead, you can enjoy a perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the gorgeous skyline of lower Manhattan, from Brooklyn Bridge Park. This 85-acre, sustainable, and world-class park is situated on the East River shoreline.

Not only is the park very well maintained, but it also has lots of open areas where you can enjoy the sunshine on bright spring and summer days. On top of that, Brooklyn Bridge Park comes with numerous amenities such as sports fields, basketball courts, concession stands, and even boat launches where you can begin an aquatic adventure across the East River.

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See the Brooklyn Museum

Then, there’s the Brooklyn Museum: one of the largest and oldest art institutions in the United States and in the world. It looks very similar to the U.S. Capitol building at first glance, but inside, you’ll find art galleries, ancient artifacts, historic site recreations, and many more artistic attractions. If you come on the weekend, you’ll avoid the many school field trips that fill up the Brooklyn Museum during the school week.

In any case, it’s reasonably large without being overwhelming, so you can get through the entire Brooklyn Museum in three to four hours. Along the way, you’ll see Egyptian art, 19th-century pottery, and more. It’s a perfect day trip experience, especially if you want to eat dinner afterward or do something else to fill the second half of your day.

Enjoy a Brooklyn Food, History, & Culture Tour

Brooklyn is a diverse and multicultural metro area, and there’s no better way to experience that than with a tour of its food, history, and culture. You can find plenty of tours of Brooklyn’s diners, eateries, bars, and historic sites online, which will partner you with others interested in the same experience.

These group tours are fantastic fun, particularly if you go at night. Many of the best Brooklyn food, history, and culture tours allow you to try American, Italian, Middle Eastern, and other cuisines throughout their durations.

Depending on the tour, you may go exclusively through Brooklyn or you may hop across the river to Manhattan at some point. Be sure to read your tour’s details and planned excursions before signing up; that way, you’ll know what to expect!

Play at Coney Island

TheConey Island boardwalk is Brooklyn’s own amusement park. This was considered the city’s communal playground from the early 1900s all the way up to the Second World War. After the Second World War, Coney Island fell into disrepair but was eventually renovated and improved significantly, especially thanks to the addition of the Luna Park amusement park.

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people visit Coney Island and Luna Park for a day of family-friendly fun, carnival games, roller coaster rides, and some time at the beach. It’s a perfect place to spend time with friends, especially as a young adult.

If you already have a family, this is a top thing to do in Brooklyn since there are endless attractions, lots of great food to eat (including world-famous hot dogs), and plenty of entertainment well into the evening.

As well, Coney Island often hosts special events, like movie nights, concerts, and the well-known Mermaid Parade. Live music just adds to the sightseeing fun New Yorkers get to experience each time they ride the Cyclone at Coney Island. Check Coney Island’s website for upcoming events so you can plan your next visit.

Chow Down at the Time Out Market

The Time Out Market is one of New York’s lesser-known but very worthwhile attractions you should definitely check out in Brooklyn. Time Out Market is a hub for some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, including DUMBO, which is well known for its fluffy pancakes.

Other delicious restaurants here include:

  • Clinton Street Baking Co.
  • Fornino
  • Sugar Hill Creamery
  • Jacob’s Pickles
  • And many more!

Ultimately, Time Out Market has two full floors of eateries and diners for you to check out, and many of them feature seating areas where you can enjoy scenic views of the East River, the Manhattan skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely consider going here if you have a hankering for a delicious meal.

Shop at the Brooklyn Flea Market

Maybe you’re more in the mood for a shopping spree. In that case, the Brooklyn Flea Market should be right up your alley. This flea market is a one-of-a-kind outdoor bazaar with a constantly rotating list of vendors and shops to browse. This market indeed has everything you could want, ranging from throwback records to homemade clothes to arts and crafts and much more.

As a side benefit, the Brooklyn Flea Market often hosts a Smorgasburg, which is a tasty Brooklyn Food Festival. Smorgasburg includes 100 different food vendors that sell snacks ranging from nachos to churros to burgers to corn on the cob and much more. This outdoor eating bonanza is a miniature event you can’t afford to miss all on its own.

When you shop at the Brooklyn Flea Market, you’ll be able to buy surprise knick-knacks that strike your fancy or knock out some gifts on your Christmas list while enjoying delicious snacks and street food. Take a walking tour here, and you’ll see excellent street art adorning the walls of nearby cafes. What’s not to like?

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Sip With Friends at Spritzenhaus

While technically in Greenpoint, Spritzenhaus is still worth the trip in the eyes of many Brooklyn locals. This is one of the best gastropubs in the entire NYC area, and it’s owned by longtime resident Robert Shamlian. It’s not too expensive, and it’s a perfect place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a 6,000-square-foot beer hall.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted with a wood-burning oven, a marble bar, and so many draft beers on tap that you’re sure to have a bit of decision paralysis. Not only can you enjoy salty and German-focused snacks like sausages and pretzels, but you can also grab lunch or dinner here while chugging down some of the best beers in Brooklyn.

So, do yourself a favor: Try this venue for a date night or a fun evening out with your friends.

Grab a Bite at Lilia

As you can see, some of the best things to do in Brooklyn include eating plenty of food. That’s why you’ll want to stop by Lilia: a perfect Italian restaurant for food geeks in the mood for something tasty and authentic. This Williamsburg pasta parlor serves the best noodles in Brooklyn, bar none.

Here, you’ll find a whole host of delectable destination dishes, with so many different types of pasta you’ll have something new to try each time you stop by. Even better, Lilia isn’t overly expensive, so it serves well as a date night destination. On the downside, tables are a bit scarce, so you’ll want to reserve a spot well ahead of time if you don’t want to eat standing up.

Try Shuffleboard at the Royal Palms

The Royal Palms is a one-of-a-kind sports bar located in Brooklyn, NY. Built by Floridian immigrants Ashley Albert and Jonathan Schnapp, the Royal Palms is 17,000 square feet in total. Spanning that distance, the Royal Palms features a game hall where you can enjoy shuffleboard — arguably the most British game ever invented — with your friends or family.

Naturally, you can grab a bite to eat as well as some alcoholic beverages while competing. And so, it’s the perfect evening spot for college students, parents, and older couples in the mood for an activity that isn’t too strenuous – but still is a ton of fun!

Listen To Music at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Affectionately called the BAM, theBrooklyn Academy of Music is one of the oldest and most historically valuable sites in all of Brooklyn. It’s also a prominent New York cultural institution. This Academy hosts both local and out-of-town reductions and companies all the time, ranging from contemporary pop artists to classical music concerts and much more.

If you’re an audiophile and love to spend time listening to great tunes from across history, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is a stellar place to visit. Should you ever need a dance venue, the BAM also includes the Howard Gilman Opera House, which can be rented for private events, such as wedding receptions.

What Else Can You Do in Brooklyn?

If you’re out of ideas for fun things to do during your visit to Brooklyn, give one of these Brooklyn attractions a try:

  • Bushwick Collective Street Art and Murals
  • The New York Transit Museum
  • The Cherry Esplanade
  • The Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Jane’s Carousel
  • Green-Wood Cemetery
  • The Brooklyn Brewery
  • The Barclay’s Center
  • The Brooklyn Children’s Museum
  • The Dyker Heights Brooklyn Christmas Lights Bus Tour
  • The House of Yes (For fans of nightlife)
  • The William Vale Hotel
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  • The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden
  • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Red Hook Waterfront
  • Sunset Park

If you want to see as much of Brooklyn as possible, consider taking a guided tour. Along the way, you’re bound to stop by some of the attractions and locations listed above. So, please, relax, learn, enjoy!

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In the end, there’s sure to be something for everyone in downtown Brooklyn and in the surrounding metro area. To wit, we haven’t even scratched the surface of all the great attractions housed in this borough, such as Prospect Park (designed by the people behind Central Park), crossing the Manhattan Bridge, and touring the Statue of Liberty.

Bottom line: Whether you’re interested in art, sports, tourist attractions, or great food, you’re in luck – heading out for a day on the town is always a good idea in Brooklyn!

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