The Importance of Treatment

Steven Schwartzapfel Feb 10, 2016

It is imperative that you seek medical treatment immediately following an accident at work. By waiting to seek treatment for your injury, you put your health at risk, and possibly your Workers’ Compensation case as well. You can only be compensated for an injury that is treated by a medical doctor. Further, the insurance carrier may later claim that you did not injure yourself because you did not immediately treat for the injury. In the world of worker’s compensation, you cannot just assume that because you were injured at work, your insurance carrier will do the right thing and pay for your wages and medical treatment. Insurance carriers are loyal to their shareholders, and their ultimate goal is to save money for the company.

Seeing a Doctor is Imperative.

It should be noted that unless a doctor has treated your injury and has given an opinion on your ability to work you will not be paid for your time out of work. The exception to this rule is when hospital records show a visit but no level of disability. These records can get you paid for up to 90 days from the date of the visit. For example, if you injure your back at work and tell your supervisor but do not seek treatment until two weeks later, the insurance carrier may argue that your injury occurred between that gap of time. This may complicate your claim, delay treatment, and prevent you from being compensated.

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