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The Different Types of Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

The human brain is a remarkable organ and it does quite a bit considering its size. It controls everything from a person’s ability to think, comprehend, and move to even their emotions and sensations. An injury to the brain can be devastating – especially when you consider all it can do. Brain injuries can worsen over time or get better, but even a minor injury can impact a person for the rest of their life.

There are numerous types of brain injuries and they can occur in various situations – from car accidents to slip and fall injuries, etc. Brain injuries and their severity will determine how they impact a person’s life and work opportunities.

There are two broad categories of brain injuries: traumatic and acquired.

Traumatic Brain Injury Types

Traumatic brain injuries can be closed or open and are caused by external force – such as those in a car accident. Some common examples of traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Concussions – These are the most common and involve a direct impact trauma to the head from a fall, whiplash in a car accident, etc. Concussions do not require a loss of consciousness, but it is common. Some individuals are unaware they have even suffered from a concussion.
  • Contusion – Contusions, similar to concussions, are caused by direct impact traumas to the head. These contusions are localized bleeding inside the brain and often must be surgically removed to prevent lethal blood clots from forming.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries – These are caused by severe shaking or a rotational force that creates a tear in the brain’s structure. The tears disrupt neuro-chemical actions inside the brain and can result in permanent brain damage.
  • Penetration Injuries – Just as the name implies, a sharp object must physically penetrate the brain by entering the skull. When the object goes through the brain it can permanently destroy brain tissue. While typically fatal, there are individuals that will survive penetration injuries – but they are often left with limited mobility and means.

Acquired Brain Injury Types

Acquired brain injuries do not require external forces, but they can still be caused by something. Acquired brain injuries can include things like drowning accidents, strangulation or a mishap in surgery that leads to a person’s oxygen deprivation.

For example, a plaintiff has suffered from a stroke. When they arrive at the hospital they are not properly cared for and their brain is deprived of oxygen for too long. Because of this, they are left permanently disabled. Had the hospital staff recognized the stroke and taken action, the brain would not have been deprived and the plaintiff would not have suffered similar injuries.

The two common types of acquired brain injuries are anoxia and hypoxia.

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