New York Factory Safety Law

Steven Schwartzapfel Feb 10, 2016

§ 255. Elevators and hoistways.

Every elevator used in connection with a factory, the elevator opening and the machinery connected therewith, and every hoistway, hatchway and well-hole shall be so constructed, guarded, equipped, maintained and operated as to be safe for all persons. The board shall adopt rules to carry into effect the provisions of this section.

§ 257. Illumination.

  1. In every factory proper lighting shall be provided during working hours for:
    1. All places where persons work or pass, or may have to work or pass in emergencies;
    2. All elevator cars and entrances;
    3. All halls and stairs leading to workrooms;
    4. All moving parts of machinery not required to be guarded by section two hundred and the rules of the board, and which are dangerous because of their location.
  2. In every factory workroom the lighting shall be such as will not cause strain on the vision or glare in the eyes of workers.
  3. In the public hallway upon each floor of every factory building a proper light shall be kept burning near the stairs during each working day from the opening of the building until its closing, except when natural light suffices. Such lights shall be arranged to operate reliably when through accident or other cause other lights of the building are extinguished.

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