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I Was Hurt on My Motorcycle. What Should I Do Now?

Steven Schwartzapfel -Founding Partner Jun 6, 2016

For more than 35 years, Steven Schwartzapfel, the founding member of Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C., has been one of New York’s most prominent personal injury attorneys. Steve represents clients in all types of personal injury cases. His experience, skill, and dedication have enabled Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients.

EMT working a motorcycle accident

Being involved in an accident of any kind is traumatic and, no doubt, stressful. But, after a motorcycle accident, the actions that you take could determine the outcome of your claim in the future. Motorcycles are a common fixture in New York City – especially because streets are often too cluttered with motor vehicles. They are also involved in a high number of injury accidents each year for a variety of reasons. Because riders lack protection that drivers in automobiles have, the injuries are often much more severe (and costly to recover from).

While rider inexperience, intoxication, and reckless behaviors can contribute to accidents, a large volume of motorcycle accidents occur because of vehicles and their drivers – not the riders. Therefore, as the victim, you need to know what you should and should not do after the accident.

Things to Do Immediately Afterward

The more information that you obtain and preserve, the better your chances are when you file a claim. Some things that you will want to do include:

  • Only speak with the police, and never give statements to witnesses, drivers or insurance adjusters. The only people whom you should speak with (before you speak with an attorney) are the police. Let them know your account of the accident, what you were doing before/during/after, etc. Answer their questions truthfully and honestly.
  • Move if you can. You do not want to contribute toward further accidents. If you are able to move immediately afterward, get off the roadway as soon as possible.
  • Gather information from drivers and witnesses. If you are able to, gather information from witnesses at the scene, as well as the driver(s) involved. You will want to get contact information, driver’s license information, vehicle registration numbers, insurance provider contact information and policy numbers, as well as the license plate number(s).
  • Get medical attention right away. Do not refuse or delay medical treatment. Injuries after an accident may not be apparent at first, especially back and joint injuries. Refusing or delaying treatment, however, will only harm your claim later on – because the defense can argue that you were not very injured to begin with.
  • Do not assume fault or apologize. It is not uncommon after an accident to say that you were “sorry,” even though you were not the cause of the accident. However, statements such as these can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt; therefore, you need to avoid stating that you are sorry at all costs. Also, do not assume that the other party will admit fault, even if he or she was the cause of the accident. But, if they do apologize or make any statements about their fault, note it and let your attorney know.

Contact an NYC Accident Attorney Immediately

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic and lead to long-term, life-threatening injuries. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the attorneys at Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C. today. We are here to help you through the process of filing a claim, and ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation by calling 1-877-737-4806 or filling out our online contact form with your questions.

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