Soft tissue injuries can vary in severity. Some soft tissue injuries are no big deal; you can just ice them for a day and go about your normal activities. Other soft tissue injuries can require an extensive amount of time and even surgery to heal. And while you may need to take time off work, you don’t need to lose all your income while recovering.

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What Is A Soft Tissue Injury?

A soft tissue injury refers to damage inflicted on muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the body. These injuries often occur from a sprain, strain, a direct blow resulting in a contusion, or overuse of a particular body part. 

Most soft tissue injuries aren’t considered to be life-threatening, but they can severely impact your quality of life. In some cases, a soft tissue injury can’t heal properly without lengthy medical intervention or even surgery.

Who Is At Risk For A Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injuries are the most common type of injury. A pulled muscle or soreness from working out at the gym would be considered a soft tissue injury, as would a skinned knee from falling off a bicycle. Anyone can develop a soft tissue injury while going about their day.

People in certain professions are at higher risk for developing serious soft tissue injuries than people in gentle professions. For example, a secretary who works at a desk for most of the day is far less likely to throw out their back than a construction worker who hauls heavy supplies.

What Should You Do If You Get A Soft Tissue Injury Due To Work?

Most jobs that involve physical labor are highly regulated for safety standards. Employers are held to a high degree of accountability for workplace safety measures and are required to make suitable safety equipment available to the employees who need it most.

Even with precautions, soft tissue injuries are still common on the job site or while performing job-related duties. They can occur while performing menial job duties or during serious, imminent events like a building collapse.

Overuse injuries and oversights by employers can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. You need to seek medical treatment immediately, even if you think your injury is “no big deal.” Pain and soreness are often worse the day after an injury. Don’t wait until tomorrow and see how you feel — get checked out right away!

Once medically stabilized, you should contact skilled New York City personal injury attorneys like the ones at Schwartzapfel Lawyers. No matter your situation, it will be our honor and privilege to help you file a claim and get you all the money and benefits you’re entitled to.

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How Long Do Soft Tissue Injuries Take To Heal?

Most soft tissue injuries heal well if they’re treated adequately, appropriately, and immediately. You need to wait until a doctor declares it safe for you to return to work. If you return to work too early, you risk worsening your injury or delaying healing time.

Healing time also depends on the severity of your injury. Some injuries, like tennis elbow or torn ligaments, may require surgery. Surgery can add several weeks to the waiting process. You’ll need to wait for your surgical appointment, have surgery, and wait to heal from your surgery. This process can take several months, even if your surgery goes well.

When Can I Return To Work After A Soft Tissue Injury?

There is no set time frame for when someone should return to work after sustaining a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries can be very minor or major in a life changing way. As such, your return date will largely depend on the type of injury you suffered and the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

To this end, you should follow up with every medical appointment and wait until your doctor says you can resume regular work duties. If your doctor says you can return to light duty or work with modifications, your employer may be required to accommodate your needs as you continue to heal. Regardless, you should always ask for a doctor’s note if you require special considerations.

Furthermore, it is absolutely critical that you always be honest with your doctor about how you’re feeling. Don’t pressure yourself to return to work before you’re ready, as this puts you at an elevated risk of making your injury worse and complicating your recovery. Said differently, the long-term consequences of reinjuring yourself can be more costly than missing work, so when in doubt, be smart and play it safe!

Can I Collect Workers’ Comp After A Soft Tissue Injury Due To Work?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system that allows employees who become injured or ill due to work to take time off to recover while collecting a portion of their lost wages. Because fault isn’t a necessity for workers’ compensation, no one needs to take the blame. Your employer doesn’t have to defend themselves, and you don’t need to accuse them of being liable for your injuries.

Typically, New York State permits eligible workers to collect workers’ compensation for anywhere between (225) and (525) weeks. Broken down differently, that amounts to (1,575) to (3,675) days – or roughly (4) to (10) years.

And during this time, it’s important to know that your employer is barred from making you come back to work sooner if you and your doctor agree that you need more time to recover. Additionally, it is against the law for your employer to intimidate, harass, threaten, or fire you for receiving workers’ compensation.

The sooner you make the claim, the better off you’ll be. If you wait too long after an injury to file a workers’ comp claim or don’t seek medical treatment following your injury, your employer may attempt to claim that you weren’t injured on the job. Accurate and immediate documentation can help to defend you against counterarguments.

Am I Eligible To File A Personal Injury Claim If I Get A Soft Tissue Injury From Work?

The majority of workers are required to be covered by workers’ compensation, and coverage is the employer’s responsibility. The employer must report every employee working for them and make regular Workers’ Compensation insurance contributions.

Most work-related injuries have to go through workers’ compensation. That said, if your employer doesn’t carry workers’ comp insurance, or if there are unique circumstances surrounding your workplace injury (for instance, their intent to cause you harm), you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. Note: Depending on the specifics of your case, the total amount of your personal injury claim may be reduced by the amount you’re able to receive through workers’ compensation.

Filing a successful personal injury claim for a work-related incident is confusing, draining, and challenging. As such, it’s generally best to seek legal advice from a highly experienced New York personal injury attorney.

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What Happens If My Soft Tissue Injury Happened Outside Of Work?

If you were injured on someone else’s property or while you were off the clock, workers’ compensation rules likely won’t apply. That said, you may have the option of filing a personal injury claim if the circumstances of your injury demonstrate that someone else’s negligence played a role in what happened to you.

For example, if you experienced a slip and fall on someone else’s property because they failed to place a wet floor sign, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to recover medical costs or lost wages you experienced as a result of your accident.

Personal injury claims also hold people accountable for creating unsafe conditions. Your personal injury claim can impact a business’s operations, potentially sparing other people from having a similar accident.

Get The Representation You Need

If you’ve been injured at work or while in the performance of job-related duties, you may be eligible for financial compensation. In most cases, you’ll be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to help you pay your bills and support your family while you’re recovering. In other cases, you may be allowed to file a personal injury claim to seek damages due to negligence in your workplace.

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