No matter your personal taste, odds are good that you like some kind of pizza. Of course, that’s an easy assumption to make because there are so many types of pizza to enjoy: New York slice, Chicago deep dish, and California-style pizza are just a few examples. But what about Brooklyn-style pizza?

Truth be told, few people know enough about Brooklyn-style pizza to truly tell it apart from other New York pies. To correct that, we’ll take a deep look at Brooklyn-style pizza, as it’s one of our favorite types of pizza to enjoy at the Schwartzapfel Lawyers office.

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Brooklyn-Style Pizza Explained

Brooklyn-style pizza is a variety of pizza initially made and perfected in the borough of Brooklyn. More specifically, Brooklyn-style pizza is thin, crispy pizza with a large pie size – typically between 18 and 45 inches – with a thin crust and few toppings (if any). It’s contrasted with pizzas like Chicago deep dish pizza, which are known for their “deep” layers of sauce and cheese and thick crusts.

Thin, Brooklyn-style pizza is also usually served in square shapes as opposed to the triangular slices normally seen with other pizza varieties. When eating Brooklyn-style pizza, you’ll probably find that the thin crust makes the pizza pieces a little floppier – that’s what the square shape is for.

In addition, the thin crust changes how many slices you can expect from a Brooklyn-style pizza pie. Most Brooklyn-style pizza pies are cut into six portions rather than other slices. In comparison, thick crust pizzas are usually available in 8 to 16 slices depending on how many toppings are included.

Here are some other neat facts about Brooklyn-style pizza to help you differentiate it from other varieties:

  • Brooklyn-style pizza is traditionally hand-stretched. This ensures that it always has a thin crust.
  • Brooklyn-style pizza dough usually has less moisture because of the hand stretching. Thus, it’s a favorite among pizza fans who don’t like as much crust or dough on their pizza or who like a crispier mouthfeel.
  • Brooklyn-style pizzas usually have fewer toppings and a simpler cheese mixture compared to other cheeses. Most Brooklyn pizza uses 55% provolone and 45% mozzarella cheese.
  • Since Brooklyn-style pizzas don’t have as many toppings or as much cheese, they are sometimes thought of as healthier than other pizzas. Since they don’t have as much dough, either, you consume fewer carbohydrates when you eat a Brooklyn-style pizza.

The History of Brooklyn-Style Pizza 

Brooklyn-style pizza is popular now, but it wasn’t always. In fact, Brooklyn-style pizza was only really made popular in 2006, when it was (re)introduced by Domino’s.

Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza came in six big slices and featured ultra-thin crust. The Domino’s recipe further featured cornmeal cooked into the crust in order to make it even crispier.

But that wasn’t where Brooklyn-style pizza began. Technically, Brooklyn-style pizza started with New York style pizza, which was first introduced in the early 1900s. The first U.S. pizzeria, Lombardi’s, made New York style pizza under the recipe and advice of an immigrant pizza maker named Antonio Totonno, who hailed from Naples.

That initial New York style pizza was made with cheese on the bottom and a light layer of tomato sauce on top. New York style pizza spread like wildfire throughout the city and the rest of the country. But it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s that Brooklyn-style pizza started to differentiate itself.

Even today, most Brooklyn-style pizza pies contain some similarities to traditional New York style pizza. For instance, both pizza varieties use garnished mozzarella and hand-tossed dough in order to maximize crust thinness. Notably, Brooklyn pizza uses less mozzarella than traditional New York style pizza.

Classic Brooklyn-Style Pizza Recipe

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Brooklyn-style pizza, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a brief breakdown of the classic Brooklyn-style pizza recipe used by both Domino’s and by other pizzerias throughout NYC and beyond.

For starters, you need hand-tossed and stretched dough. The dough should be stretched to a maximum diameter of 45 inches with a minimum diameter of 18 inches. Note: You should try to cook some cornmeal into the dough after baking it for extra crispiness.

As far as toppings go, you’ll want to use a 55% provolone, 45% mozzarella cheese blend. . Also, be sure to keep the number of additions on your Brooklyn-style pizza to a minimum. For instance, when deciding between mushrooms, olives, garlic, and meatballs, choose two and lose two, then bake, plate, and enjoy!

Note: Ultimately, Brooklyn-style pizza toppings are very subjective and can be personalized to your tastes, just like other pizza styles.

How Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza Served?

To serve Brooklyn-style pizza the traditional way, you have to take the thin crust into account. Because the crust is so thin, Brooklyn-style pizza can be floppy. 

Instead, cut your Brooklyn-style pizzas into six rectangular or square slices instead of eight triangular slices. This will slow down the breakdown of the crust and allow your guests or you to enjoy the pizza and its crispiness for even longer.

How To Eat Brooklyn-Style Pizza

What if you’ve been served a Brooklyn-style pizza pie and want to enjoy it as intended? Due to the unique shape of its slices, the best way to eat Brooklyn-style pizza is to fold each pie piece into a size that you can fit into your mouth. Not only does this give your tastebuds a delectable delight, but it also ensures that you get all the toppings mixed together perfectly. This results in a burst of flavor that will help you really enjoy your Brooklyn-style pizza.

The Best Places To Eat Brooklyn-Style Pizza

What if you want to head to Brooklyn or NYC to enjoy a genuine slice of Brooklyn-style pizza? Since Schwartzapfel Lawyers is based in the city, our staff has a selection of favorite pizzerias we’d love for you to check out. Each of these pizzerias is known for its Brooklyn-style pizza and other offerings.

Julianna’s Pizzeria

First up is Julianna’s Pizzeria, located at 19 Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It’s well known for its classic margarita pizza and the coal-fired oven, which reaches temperatures of up to 800°. And while it’s only been in business since 2012, Julianna’s has quickly gained popularity thanks to its delicious margarita Brooklyn-style pizza.

You can get other pizza flavors as well, of course. Some of our favorites include the white pizza, which is topped with garlic and mozzarella, and the calzone pizza, which comes without tomatoes but which is still quite delicious.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria on Front Street

You might also want to try Grimaldi’s Pizzeria on Front Street, located at 1 Front Street in Brooklyn. It’s well known for its 1200°, coal-burning ovens, which this establishment has used for over 100 years to make all of its pizza varieties.

This staple Brooklyn pizzeria offers the famous Brooklyn Bridge Pizza, which is made from traditional pizza ingredients and which is topped with things like ricotta cheese, red peppers, and hand-pinched Italian sausages.

Roberta’s Pizzeria in Bushwick

Adventurous pizza lovers might prefer Roberta’s Pizzeria in Bushwick, located at 261 Moore Street in Brooklyn. This pizzeria uses wood-burning ovens instead of coal-burning ovens, which results in a unique pizza flavor no matter which type you order.

This pizzeria is well known for hoping to champion the Neapolitan pizza movement around the country. It’s also well known for its all-day menu, which includes not just pizzas but also a variety of other meals, such as sweet potatoes made on the grill, marinated cucumbers, and American prosciutto.

Additionally, you can get the original Brooklyn pizza here, which comes topped with chili, mozzarella, parmigiana, and oregano.

Paulie Gee’s in Greenport

Paulie Gee’s in Greenport is another well-known Brooklyn pizzeria. It’s located at 60 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn and is well known for its woodfired, vegan and non-vegan pizzas. Note that you can’t order these pizzas to go; it’s a dine-in-only establishment!

Fortunately, however, the pizza menu here is quite extensive, and if you want a delicious Brooklyn-style pizza that won’t cause you to cheat on your vegan diet, you’ll find delightful offerings such as the Vegan Shmoogula pizza, which is made with Aleppo chili oil, vegan sauce, and baby arugula.

Lucali Brooklyn

Last but not least is Lucali Brooklyn, located at 575 Henry Street in Brooklyn. It’s well known for its classic American pizzas and it allows you to order food to dine in or on the go. Regardless, all the meals here are made fresh on a to-order basis, so you never need to worry about any pizza not tasting perfectly in your mouth.

In keeping with the Brooklyn-style pizza spirit, Lucali’s maintains a limited number  of toppings for you to choose from. Rounding out the short list, there’s: pepperoni, shallot, sweet and hot peppers, garlic, onion, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms.

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