$1,053,502.23 verdict/judgment in auto accident case

We recovered $1,053,502.23 judgment after verdict for woman who suffered a shoulder injury in a car crash resulting in arthroscopic surgery.

Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

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Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. They can be minor, causing only some property damage, or they can be serious and life threatening. Victims of car accidents can face disabling injuries, doctors’ visits, hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation therapy, lost income, lost pension benefits, physical pain, mental suffering, and the very real prospect of permanent disabilities.

Now is not the time to go it alone. Insurance companies do not automatically pay you for your losses. In fact, they have a team of lawyers on their side, experienced at fighting to reject your lawful claims. Doesn’t it make sense to have an experienced team of lawyers ready to aggressively fight for your right to compensation?

Important Steps to Take if You are Involved in a New York Car Accident

The minutes following a car accident can be the most stressful you will encounter. During these confusing moments, it is easy to forget the basic steps we should take to protect our rights. In the event you are involved in a car crash in NY, here is what you need to do:

  • Call 911. Report the crash to the police and get medical assistance for yourself and others.
  • Exchange contact information. Be sure to get the other driver’s license and plate numbers, as well as the name of their auto insurance company and policy number.
  • Identify witnesses. Obtain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses to the crash.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report. Be sure to ask the police officers that arrive on the scene how to obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Take photographs. Does your cell phone have a camera on it? If so, use it. Take pictures of the damage to all cars involved in the accident.
  • Do not provide any statements. Although you need to notify your own insurance company about the accident, do not provide a written or recorded statement about the incident to any insurance company representative until you have spoken with your attorney.
  • Write down your own immediate recollection details the accident. It is easy to forget small details during this hectic time. The more details you can provide your attorney, the better potential you will have for a monetary recovery.

Beware – Insurance companies will tell you that you do not need to contact an attorney.

These are not the people to trust. Their interest is in their bottom line, not your well-being. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash, time is of the essence. This is true even when dealing with your own insurance company to receive compensation through your Personal Injury Protection (PIP), or “no fault” insurance coverage.

While it is possible to receive reimbursement for medical treatment, lost wages, and transportation expenses, these policies are challenging to navigate. Additionally, if you do not file a claim for these “no fault” benefits within 30 days of the accident, the insurance company may deny your claim. This will prevent you from being compensated for your medical bills and lost earnings, among other things.

At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C., we have a proven track record of success representing thousands of families whose lives have been upended by car accidents. We understand the unique financial and emotional stress car accidents victims face. You do not need the added frustration of fighting with insurance companies. While no amount of money can ever replace your loss, we can help you recover money for the injuries and damages you or your loved one suffered.

Proving serious injury in New York – Why you need a car accident attorney.

In order to recover in a car accident case, you need to prove that you suffered a serious injury as a result of the negligence of someone else. While it may sound simple enough, there are complicated legal factors that determine what a serious injury is and what you need to do to prove that you are seriously injured.

One critical factor in proving that you have a serious injury is through objective medical evidence presented by an expert. The car crash injury attorneys at Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. have a network of experts ready to review your case and help provide the proof that you need to obtain a monetary settlement.

What types of injuries qualify for a monetary recovery in New York?

Under New York Law, car crash victims and/or their families can recover money for personal injuries only in certain cases of serious injury. They have identified nine categories of serious injuries:

  1. Death
  2. Dismemberment
  3. Significant Disfigurement or Scarring
  4. Fractured Bone or Bones
  5. Loss of a Fetus
  6. Significant Limitation of Use of a Body Function or System
  7. Permanent Consequential Limitation of Use of a Body Organ or Member
  8. Permanent Loss of Use of a Body Organ, Member, Function, or System
  9. The “90/180 Day Rule” (an impairment of a non-permanent nature that prevents you from conducting daily activities for at least 90 of the 180 days immediately following your accident)

Insurance companies do not want to pay out claims for your injuries and they will do whatever they can to deny your claim. They have even been known to delay claims until it is impossible for the victims to file a lawsuit. Don’t let that happen to you. Let us help you navigate through your personal injury claims and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What if you lost a family member due to a car crash?

We can help you during this tragic and difficult time by aggressively fighting to protect your rights and get you and your family the justice and closure you deserve. Depending on the circumstances, we can help you recover money for:

  • Loss of Financial Support
  • Loss of Parental Guidance
  • Pain and Suffering Endured by the Deceased Prior to Death
  • Loss of Household Help

When you retain Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C., you get an experienced team of attorneys who can help you through this difficult time while putting you and your family in the best possible position to win your case.

You may be entitled to multiple types of damages.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to money damages for:

  • Past and Future Lost Wages
  • Mental and Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Costs
  • Loss of Annuity or Pension
  • Loss of Household Help
  • Loss of Consortium (harm to a family relationship)

Contact an experienced car accident attorney in New York.

The attorneys at Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. have provided aggressive – yet compassionate – legal guidance for many personal injury clients. With decades of experience, our attorneys are well prepared to handle all your legal needs. Time is of the essence for preserving valuable evidence and maximizing your chances of recovery. Contact us today at 1-888-575-6410 for a free case evaluation. We are dedicated to Fighting For You™.

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