Legal Team

Robert Selg

Case Manager

Case Manager for Auto Accident Claimants

Mr. Selg is a staunch advocate for our clients and their families.

Insurance Industry Experience

Prior to joining our New York City injury law firm, Mr. Selg worked as senior claims adjuster for more than 15 years focusing on insurance defense litigation and settlement negotiations for some of the largest insurance carriers in the industry, including Travelers Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Nationwide Insurance and Liberty Mutual Insurance. While working for the insurance companies and under lawyer supervision, Mr. Selg has successfully help resolve countless personal injury claims. Rob is thoroughly versed in insurance carrier tactics.

Mr. Selg’s experience and unique insight into the insurance industry benefits our clients tremendously. He is personally familiar with how insurance companies value a client’s case. He knows the specific documents, records, specialists, medical tests, etc. that the insurance company places the greatest value on. Mr. Selg’s particular knowledge and experience helps our clients in developing their case in our goal to obtain the most amount of money possible.

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