In 2001, following the death of 271 people and more than 700 injuries attributed to defective tire separation, the US Department of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered Bridgestone/Firestone to recall 6.5 million Firestone ATX and Wilderness tires. A more recent recall of nearly 13 million tires by Ford Motor Corporation proved that tire separation is still a major issue that cannot be ignored. The most disturbing detail, however, is that the manufacturers knew about the defects, but did nothing to correct them until the casualties began to pile up.

Tire Separations Can Have Deadly Consequences

As a result of design and manufacturing defects, tire separations have become the most common type of failure of steel belted radial tires. Tire and tread separation incidents can have potentially fatal consequences. Separations are the leading cause of tire blowouts, and have been known to cause rollovers.

How Are Tires Produced Defectively?

The issue of defective tire production has not been limited to Firestone, as many other companies have also been targeted. Problems include:

  • poor quality control,
  • poor tire design, and
  • the use of old technology and equipment.

What is most upsetting is that these issues could be avoided if the manufacturer’s were to simply follow the industry guidelines.

These Mistakes Are Avoidable

A recent online publication had this to say about the issue: “Manufacturing defects can be substantially reduced by appropriate adhesion, proper manufacturing practices, and adequate quality control measures. Some plant practices which contribute to tread belt separation include improper curing; the use of over-aged ‘dry’ rubber stock; use of petroleum solvent; moisture and foreign matter cured into the tire; improper repairs; inadequate final inspection; and an emphasis on quantity over quality and safety.” As a product of faulty design or improper manufacturing, tire separation cases are now receiving national attention.

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