Protecting Consumers from Defective Products

Recall means that a product is removed from the market because of a defect. Unfortunately, defects often are not discovered until multiple people are injured or killed. Just because a product was not recalled does not necessarily mean it was safe and your injuries may still be tied to its defects. However, if you were injured by a recalled product, you may have a right to money and benefits.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has advocated for the rights of New York consumers for more than 30 years. We remain up to date on product recalls and complaints and spot trends that help us identify potentially problematic products. Our legal team has the resources, skills and expertise to take on the corporate giants that manufacture defective products and sell those dangerous items to the public. We help you get the money you deserve for a defective product.

Recently Recalled Products

Our New York City defective products lawyers access databases that track hundreds of recalled products to determine whether our clients may have been affected. For example, recently recalled products include certain brands of:

  • Automobiles due to ignition switch failure or airbag explosion
  • Drugs in which the side effects and risks outweigh the benefits
  • Blender because of laceration risks due to blade breakage
  • Crib mattress because of fire risks
  • Cutter saw because the guard may fail to release to the full blade cover
  • Dishwasher that can overheat and cause fire hazard
  • Kid’s sport hoodie because of its drawstring strangulation risk
  • Lamp that can overheat and melt, causing burn hazard
  • Lawnmower that can leak gas and trigger fire
  • Mini-bike because wheel can fly off
  • Paintball rifle because of potential of automatic firing when dropped
  • Smoke detector for failure to alert of fire
  • Toys due to strangulation hazards

If you were injured by any product, you should seek legal advice. Our lawyers investigate your case for free to determine whether you have a claim for injuries and are entitled to money.

The Recall Process

The United States recall system does not require manufacturers to prove that a product is safe before putting it on the market. Instead, the system removes the product and alerts consumers should the product turn out to be unsafe. The recall process typically begins when complaints alert the government agency with authority over the particular product.

For example, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has jurisdiction over thousands of products, ranging from household goods to toys to clothes to cosmetics and more. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authority over food and drugs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees meats, milk, eggs, seafood and produce. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has jurisdiction over vehicles and roadway hazards.

The government agency investigates and may ask the company to recall the product voluntarily. Only in rare circumstances does the government issue the recall. For this reason, the process can take months or years between discovering a serious defect and the removal of the product from the market. In the meantime, your health and life remain at risk.

Learn More about the Recall Process

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