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Where there is smoke there is fire. And, where there is one injury from a product, there are usually many more. Often a product defect is not discovered until dozens or hundreds of unsuspecting consumers get injured or killed. To help plaintiffs receive the money they are entitled to, these cases are typically handled as mass tort. This means you would join other injured plaintiffs to sue the defendants responsible for your injuries to establish the defendants’ liability, but the injuries, damages and losses you suffered are determined individually.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has more than 30 years of experience in injury law and, together with our co-counsel, has the substantial resources necessary to handle the most complex mass tort, and multidistrict litigation claims. After reviewing your claim, we recommend whether to file your claim and proceed as an individual or file your claim as a mass tort. We consider which means can help you personally recover the most money for your injuries. Our New York City mass tort attorneys hold big corporations accountable to protect your interests.

What is a Mass Tort?

A mass tort refers to collective injuries to a group that occurs in two types of situations:

  • Out of a single incident: The defendant’s actions created and caused an accident at one point in time that injured multiple people, such as may occur in a plane crash, a railroad accident, a building explosion or a crane collapse.
  • From a common instrumentality: Injuries can be traced to one cause that usually occurred over a period of time, such as a harmful medication, toxic dumping, defective automobile part or tainted food product.

Our firm joins with co-counsels on a plaintiffs’ steering committee. Each attorney files individuals lawsuits for individuals damages, but works together to prove liability of the defendants. Our passionate, driven team is able to join forces to retain the most highly credentialed experts and coordinate the most thorough investigation of the facts.

Benefits of Mass Tort Litigation

Based upon more than three decades of experience exclusively focused on injury and wrongful death recovery, our attorneys consider whether you might be better served by these typical mass tort litigation benefits. For example, pursuing your claim as a mass tort may reduce costs because plaintiffs share in expenses of investigating the accident, conducting discovery and litigating the claims.

There is also power in numbers. Defendants cannot refute the relationship between their actions or products and your injuries when multiple plaintiffs have also sustained injuries. The evidence of multiple injured parties also makes a strong impact on a jury and offers us a compelling position upon which to negotiate for a just settlement.

Learn more about the Mass Tort Litigation process

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