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As a construction worker, you know how physically challenging your job can be, requiring the highest level of physical stamina and health. Since your livelihood depends upon your body being in top-notch condition, if you are the victim of a construction accident, it’s in your best interests to talk to an experienced New York City construction accident attorney today.

Who can be held liable after a construction accident?

There are a number of parties that CAN be held responsible in the case of a construction accident, but that doesn’t mean that all will be named as potential defendants in your case. For example, common defendants may include the general contractor, the construction manager or other contractors and their insurers. However, in some less likely cases, your construction accident attorney may recommend that you also seek damages from equipment manufacturers as well as the building or structure owner. This all depends on what equipment or materials broke or failed and how them doing so resulted in your injury.

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5 Steps to take after a construction accident

Get immediate medical attention for your injuries
Even seemingly innocuous incidents can leave long-term bodily damage. It’s critical to get a doctor’s assessment as quickly as possible in case you need treatment to prevent further injury or debilitating condition.
Report the accident to your employer within 24 hours
You have the obligation to inform your company that you have been hurt. It begins a paper trail documenting the conditions at the workplace and any potential issues that could have caused the injury. Of course, you’re also helping your co-workers limit their risk of getting hurt on the job as well.
Preserve any evidence pertaining to the accident that you can
This can be difficult, as when you’re working construction, the site manager will likely want others to keep completing their work as subcontractors. Still, any malfunctioning equipment or faulty rigging should be set aside anyway so as not to be a hazard to others.
Take pictures or ask others to take them for you
Even if it’s just with a cell phone, getting photographic evidence can be critical in establishing the facts at the time of the incident. Considering how much activity that goes on at the site, if you’re able to, you can even take photos yourself while someone is calling for help.
Don’t make any statements to insurance companies or investigators until you’ve consulted with a reputable construction injury attorney
Other parties have no duty to you: a general contractor wants to escape liability, the insurance company does not want to pay your claims and any other parties do not want to face liability. A New York construction accident attorney will fight for YOU and only you.

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