Recovered $5,750,000 in Suffolk County Supreme Court For Union Insulator

Our client was employed as a union insulator at a construction project at Stony Brook University on Long Island.  Our client was a member in good standing of Local 12 Insulator’s union.   He went to work and expected to be given the proper safety equipment to do his job.  He expected to be able to return home to his family safely.  Instead, the decision of the Defendant general contractor to turn a blind eye and cut corners, denied him basic safety equipment which resulted in serious damage.

The project involved new construction of a building on Stony Brook University Campus. on Long Island.  Our client was tasked with wrapping insulation around the newly installed ductwork in the building.  When our client arrived to work he was assigned to work on the 3rd floor atrium, which was in the middle of being built out, at a height of over 30 feet above ground level.  Despite being over 3 stories high, our client was not given any fall protection.  Additionally, there was no proper guardrail or safety net to keep him falling over the edge down the ground level.  While our client was working at a height, wrapping ductwork with insulation, he was caused to fall and there was no safety device to save him.  With no fall protection and no safety net, he violently crashed down 30 feet below to the ground level and landed on a stack of sheetrock.

Our client suffered a brain injury and could not return to work.  The defendants initial response was to refuse to take responsibility as they attempted to blame our client for this incident.  We were successful in defeating the defenses that he was somehow at fault by proving he was denied basic safety equipment to keep him from falling.  We also defeated the defenses attempts to minimize the damages and losses that our client suffered.  We ultimately were successful in proving his damages and losses and recovered full and fair compensation of $5,750,000 for our client.

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