Our client was employed as a union elevator mechanic at a construction project at 3 World Trade Center in New York City.  He was a member in good standing at the Local 1 Elevator Constructors union.  He was leaving the jobsite after repairing an outside hoist, when he slipped and fell on a wet, oily condition on the ramp of the loading dock.  Our client had every intention of returning home to his family that evening and getting up the next day and every day thereafter to go to work so he could support his wife and two young boys.  Instead, our client suffered serious injuries to his hip and back which prevented him from ever returning to work.

This incident could have been completely avoided but for the blatant safety violations of the contractor on the jobsite who cut corners and turned a blind eye to safety.  The ramp that our client slipped on had no overhead protection whatsoever.  It was built steps away from the street causing it to be subject to the outdoor elements.  Also, workers used this ramp every day to bring materials to and from the worksite, trekking in dirt, debris, and other substances that could cause the ramp to be slippery.  Most blatantly, the contractors were aware of this dangerous condition and took no measures to make it safer for people like our client.

As a result of the fall, our client ended up having surgery to his back.  He was unable to return to work and was living on workers’ compensation checks that were a fraction of what he used to earn.  Rather than accept responsibility, the defendants blamed our client for the fall and said that his injuries and surgery were unrelated to the incident.  Despite these tactics, we were able to defeat every single one of their defenses and resolve the case for $5,000,000 for our client and his family.

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