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Medtronic Pacemakers

Medtronic has been alerting recipients of their pacemakers due to an overwhelming number of defects that have been found in these devices. A number of the pacemakers have been recalled due to the potential for life-threatening complications.The following Sigma Family Medtronic Pacemaker Models (100, 200, 300 Series) have been recalled:

  • Sigma 100S (Models SS103, SS106)
  • Sigma 200D (Model SD203)
  • Sigma 200DR (Model SDR203)
  • Sigma 200S (Model SS203)
  • Sigma 200SR (Model SSR203)
  • Simga 300D (Model SD303)
  • Sigma 300DR (Models SDR303, SDR 306)
  • Sigma 300S (Model SS303)
  • Sigma 300SR (Models SSR303, SSR306)

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