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New York City Escalator Accident Lawyers

Escalators and moving walkways are everywhere – shopping malls, department stores, airports, hotels, subways. Although escalators may seem rather harmless, they can be quite dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that about 10,000 people a year go to the emergency room after accidents on escalators. Unfortunately, many of these are children.

If you, your children, or a family member has incurred an injury caused by a hazardous or dangerous condition when entering, exiting, or riding on an escalator, then you should talk to the New York escalator accident lawyers of Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. Call us today at (516) 342-2200 or fill out our online contact form for immediate attention to your case.

Escalator accidents occur even though these moving stairs are subject to strict state safety laws and regulations. Accidents may be caused by improper installation, neglected inspections, faulty equipment or improper maintenance. Most injuries involve falls or body parts and clothing being pulled into the point where the moving stairway enters the recess area. Injuries may also occur when an escalator suddenly stops, has a wet surface, or has loose metal teeth that may hook onto clothing, fingers, or toes.

Escalator accidents can result in horrific injuries such as loss of skin, permanent scarring, and bone fractures. Those accidents can also be fatal.

Recently, many children have been injured on escalators while wearing a certain type of shoe known as Crocs. These colorful rubber shoes and their soft-soled counterparts are the most common footwear in escalator entrapments, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Typically, the shoe becomes entrapped when the rider is stepping on or off the escalator or standing too close to the side.

The company responsible for manufacturing Crocs has been sued for escalator-related injuries, prompting the company to announce plans to add safety tips to the hang tags of its shoes and to launch an escalator safety awareness initiative. It is important to note that any type of rubber or soft, pliable shoes can be problematic, as can long and untied shoe laces.

Escalator accident cases can be complicated. The kinds of money you can collect will vary depending upon liability, how the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries and the damages sustained. The New York legal team of Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. will help you pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. You may be entitled to money for both past and future:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost income
  • Loss of annuity
  • Loss of pension
  • Loss of Social Security income
  • Loss of health care benefits
  • Loss in the value of household services
  • Medical benefits
  • Loss of consortium – spousal or parent-child relationships that have been negatively impacted by the injury

In order to secure those money damages, you need an experienced lawyer who can clearly establish that fault, carelessness, or negligence of another caused your injuries.

When you’ve suffered serious injury as a result of an escalator accident, you need the New York lawyers of Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C. at your side. With more than 150 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well-prepared to handle all your legal needs. Call us at (516) 342-2200 or fill out our online contact form for immediate attention to your case. We will fight for you!