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Desmopressin Acetate

Desmopressin Acetate – Another Drug With Life-Threatening Side Effects If you or your child has been injured by Desmopressin acetate, please call us at (516) 342-2200 or fill out our online contact form for a free case evaluation. Desmopressin acetate is prescribed to patients to control frequent urination and water loss which is often associated with diabetes. It can also be used to treat hemophilia and frequent urination in certain brain injury victims.This medication is also prescribed to kids to treat bedwetting. This is yet another drug that promised to make patients better but instead exposed them to dangerous and unknown side effects.

Desmopressin Acetate Now Associated with Seizures and Death

There have been 61 reports of seizures and 2 reports of death in patients who took this drug. It seems that some patients who entrusted Desmopressin Acetatewith their health were rendered disabled or even died from serious side effects.

Children are at a Particularly Increased Risk

The FDA has indicated that children who take intranasal Desmopressin for bedwetting are particularly susceptible to severe hyponatremia (abnormally low concentration of sodium in your blood) and seizures. The most vulnerable patients are also the ones in most danger of this drug.

Desmopressin Acetate Side Effects Include Seizures and Death

Some of the side-effects that the label already warns against are:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Mild abdominal cramps
  • Stuffy nose
  • Irritation of the nose
  • Flushing

The most serious side effects such as seizures and death weren’t mentioned on the label before the new FDA warning.

FDA Issues a Strong Warning

After these horrific incidents FDA released a warning stating that certain patients including children who take the drug are at risk for developing severe hyponatremia which can lead to seizures and even death. On 12/4/2007 FDA instructed the manufacturers for Desmopressin acetate to include the information about severe hyponatremia and seizures on their label.

Other Names for Desmopressin Acetate

  • DDAVP Nasal Spray
  • DDAVP Rhinal Tube
  • DDVP
  • Minirin
  • Stimate Nasal Spray

 If you or your loved one has been injured by Desmopressin acetate or have suffered one of its serious side effects please call us at (516) 342-2200 or fill out our online contact form for a free case evaluation.